Step-by-Step Guide: The Ultimate Hair Washing Routine

Step-by-Step Guide: The Ultimate Hair Washing Routine

While how to wash your hair might seem a very simple question, it can make a huge impact on your hair health. With growing stress and exposure to environmental changes, hair is undergoing a lot of damage that needs care and pampering. Similar to a skincare routine that keeps your skin soft and supple, having a regime that involves proper steps of how to wash your hair properly makes your hair strong and flattering. While many hair care products are on the market, knowing the right ones to wash your hair is vital. Using the right hair products, along with a complete guide on how to wash your hair, helps keep it clean and healthy, adds volume, and makes it look lustrous. Here is the guide to choosing the right products and using them to wash your hair properly for the best results.

Right Hair Products to Wash Your Hair 


Before knowing how to wash your hair properly, knowing the basic hair product that is required to wash your hair is vital. Hydrating hair shampoo is basic that you must use to wash your hair. Multiple formulations in the market use chemical ingredients that can severely damage your hair rather than clean it. Buy the best shampoo for dry hair and choose vegan and safe formulations to elevate hair's health while making your locks look and feel soft.   

Hair Cream

Hair cream is the second product you require when washing hair. It helps lock hydration and makes your hair soft and manageable. Like shampoo, hair repairing cream must also be chosen based on your requirements and the product's quality. There is a range of hair keratin creams, color protection creams, hair volumizer creams, silver protection creams, dry hair treatment creams, and others that target specific concerns for the best results.

How to Wash Hair Properly – Complete Guide for Daily Regime

Step 1 – Wet Your Hair

When using regular shampoo for dry and frizzy hair, the first step involves making your hair wet. Wet hair allows for better and easier application of shampoo. Ensure that the temperature of the water is not hot. You should use either cold or lukewarm water, as hot temperatures can damage the hair follicles by destroying the natural hydration of the hair.

Step 2 – Use Shampoo

When it comes to how to wash hair, knowing the type of shampoo to use and the quantity is crucial. According to your hair type, choose keratin treatment shampoo, color protection, or other from the range of shampoos. Take a small amount of shampoo on your hands and rub it between the palms to emulsify the formulation. Then, apply shampoo to your scalp and hair strands.

Step 3 – Massage the Scalp

When applying emulsified shampoo, understanding the correct way to apply it can change how your hair appears after washing. Do not rub and focus only on lower hair strands. Apply evenly on the whole scalp and each hair strand and gently massage using your fingers or scalp brush. Massaging allows slight friction that helps remove debris and any deposits from hair and scalp to loosen.

Step 4 – Rinse Off

After massaging for 2 to 3 minutes, rinse off the shampoo using lukewarm water. Rinse thoroughly to ensure all product and dirt from the scalp is washed with water. If you have hard water in the shower or tap, use filters that can help turn hard water into soft water. Hard water tends to cause dryness and can make your hair look frizzy and stiff. Soft water helps maintain a healthy, soft, and tamed texture of hair. If you do not have a water softener filter to convert hard water into soft water, boil the water before washing your hair.

Step 5 – Prep for Hair Cream

Once hair is clean, it's time to prep your hair for conditioning using hydrating hair cream. Using a Turkish towel, dab your hair. You can even use your hands to squeeze out excess water. Your hair should be damp, and there should be no water dripping before you apply hair cream.

Step 6 – Condition Your Hair

Take a small amount of dry hair treatment cream or any other hair cream that suits your hair type and complements the shampoo formula. Rub between the palms and apply to the lengths of your hair. Use your fingers as a comb to ensure each strand is covered using the hair cream and the locks are detangled.

Step 7 – Wait time

After applying the hair cream or conditioner, it is necessary to let it sit for 2 to 5 minutes. The wait time allows the hair cream to get absorbed in the strands and makes the hair soft, silky, shiny, and manageable. Relax during the wait time to experience a comfortable salon-like feel in the comfort of your home. You can play music to create a calming atmosphere that will help relieve stress and relax you.

Step 8 – Rinse Off

After a few minutes, rinse off the hair cream. Ensure that there is no residue left on hair strands as it can make them heavy, which can lead to weaker hair, causing breakage. When rinsing the conditioner, using cold or normal temperature water is recommended. Warm temperatures can neutralize the effect of hair cream and make your hair less silky.

Additional Steps for Spa Treatment at Home

For getting a salon experience at home, performing an additional step can work like magic. The simple use of a hair mask along with a hair wash routine allows you to get a spa treatment at home. After shampooing and before conditioner, apply the hair mask and let it sit for a few minutes. Rinse off and follow the hair cream step to instantly get lustrous and soft tresses in the comfort of your home.

Tips on How to Wash Hair Properly

Tip 1 – Less is More

Often, women mistakenly believe that using more products offers better results. But it’s a myth. A good tip for how to wash hair properly is to use the correct quantity of the best shampoo for dry hair. Using excess product can make your hair brittle and cause even more damage.

Tip 2 – Being Gentle is Key

Washing your hair vigorously doesn’t help in getting rid of dirt and harmful pollutants off your hair. It only damages your delicate hairlocks. The key to washing your hair properly is being gentle. Pamper your hair and ensure you handle it with a lot of care.

Tip 3 – Monitor Wash Frequency

Washing your hair when needed can keep it fresh and healthy. Regular washing or washing daily can lead to the loss of natural oil of the scalp that is needed for nourishment and protection of hair follicles. Wash your hair two or three times a week, considering your hair type and styling needs.

Tip 4 – Keep Changing Shampoo

With changing seasons, you must change your shampoo. Your hair and scalp temperature changes according to climate and your bodily changes. Using shampoo for dry and frizzy hair in humid conditions and keratin treatment shampoo when the weather is dry and windy can change the texture of your locks.

Tip 5 – Follow a Routine

Having a routine is necessary whether it is health, skin, or hair. While you learn how to wash your hair properly, following the steps and order of hair products can make a difference. Adding a healthy routine of eating habits and exercise also adds to the beauty of your hair and skin.

Things to Consider When Choosing Hair Wash Products

Hair Pattern 

Whether you have curly, straight, wavy hair can make a lot of difference when deciding the right shampoo and hair cream for washing your hair. Hair patterns require special care. While you can use 'all types' of hair wash products for straight hair, curly hair is prone to dryness and requires shampoo for dry and frizzy hair to define your curls.

Hair Type 

Everyone has a different hair type. If you have fine hair, choosing volumizing shampoo for thin hair is ideal. For thick hair, using hydrating hair shampoo or keratin shampoo can work. Choosing 'all types' of shampoo is good for those with oily scalps, whereas going for shampoo for dry and damaged hair is the perfect solution.

Hair Problems

Your hair goes through a lot because of the environment and styling conditions. Damage due to hair color, greying because of age, split ends, frizziness, etc., are a few problems that can be solved using a good quality and concern-specific shampoo.

Hair Porosity

Hair porosity is decided based on the size of your hair cuticles and its ability to absorb the products. The higher the hair porosity, the larger the hair cuticles, which means easy absorption of hydrating elements. But it also means easy moisture loss, making the hair dry and brittle. A balanced hair porosity absorbs perfect hydration and locks it in your hair.


Considering the formulation before buying hair care products is the key to getting flowing and shining tresses. Check for natural and vegan formulations to avoid allergic reactions and keep your hair chemical-free. Also, consider personal preference regarding oils and other ingredients used in formulating the range of hair wash products.

How to wash your hair properly is a very basic question, but it can transform your hair entirely. From choosing the right shampoo and conditioner to ensuring the formulation is suitable for your hair – everything is crucial to know before using the products to wash your hair. Barcode Professional understands women's minute concerns and love for having beautiful tresses. The wide range of the best volumizing shampoos and hair repairing creams at the online store helps you pick the perfect product for your hair type. Along with hair wash products, you can avail of the finest quality hair care products that can add to different styling needs and elevate your hair health.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Long Should I Leave the Shampoo in My Hair?

Whether using color protect shampoo or shampoo for dry and frizzy hair, leaving the product on your scalp for longer durations can cause damage. The product buildup can weaken the hair strand, making it even drier and frizzier. Ensure you massage the scalp using shampoo for 2 to 3 minutes and rinse off with water immediately. Maintaining the ideal duration is vital for good and healthy-looking hair.

2. Should I Shampoo My Hair Every Day?

Do not shampoo your hair every day. When understanding how to wash your hair, knowing how regularly you should wash your hair is also a must. Washing twice or thrice a week is ideal. If you have oily hair, go for three washes a week, whereas if you have dry hair, use shampoo for dry and frizzy hair once or twice a week.

3. Can I Follow Up with The Conditioner After Shampooing?

Yes, you can follow the conditioner after shampooing. Professional hair artists consider it a must for you to use hydrating hair cream or conditioner after shampooing your hair. A conditioner works as a hair treatment that nourishes your hair with rich oils and butter while locking in the moisture needed for your hair to survive the exterior conditions. It also tames the frizz, making your hair silky and manageable for styling.

4. Any Tips for Different Hair Types When Shampooing?

Different hair types require different shampoos. Not every woman has the same requirements. For those with colored hair, using a color protect shampoo and conditioner works to maintain the color for a longer time without damaging the hair. For those having damaged hair, using either shampoo for dry and frizzy hair works or choosing keratin hair treatment shampoo offers a professional hair treatment at home. Knowing your hair is vital to choosing the perfect hair care products for better results. When confused, using shampoo for All Types of hair is best.  

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